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26-Jan-2020 21:21

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As you saw from the overwhelming internet buzz, the mundane can be poignant and arrestingly good.

But the rise of more mundane reality shows, Pawn Stars, for example, reveals a market for the intricacies of the human experience.

, two of the cast members plan to go for a run together.“When do you want to go for a jog,” asks Makoto, a 20-something college student and aspiring baseball player.“Anytime,” says Minori, a fellow student and part-time model.“Any time? ”“Going there and back, 15 to 20 minutes.”“How about tomorrow? The emotions will be rescaled to a more manageable level, where the most shocking thing in the world is something like a baked Alaska being thrown into the bin.

But we can dream of a quiet show, set somewhere like Portland, Minneapolis, or any other city conducive to sitting around and thinking, where cast members cry together when contemplating their future dreams and not because of the fallout from inebriated shit-talking in a confessional booth.

Two years earlier, a Japanese television network aired a show called Terrace House.

Terrace House also lumps six strangers in an extravagant house (though more Architectural Digest than Playboy Mansion), provides them with an unlimited alcohol budget, and brings a television audience along for the ride. If Jersey Shore was a hellish, craven sinkhole, Terrace House is a tranquil waterfall.The moment is earned through all of the not-so-exciting things that came before.